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ATK Exotics is a pretty decent website if you consider the very simple fact that they are built on having a large amount of porn that is not really bound to a single genre. This is the single greatest downfall of the vast majority of other porn sites: they decide that they want to show one facet of porn. In order to pull this off they would need to have the greatest stuff available for that genre, which is actually difficult to pull off.

ATK Exotics does not try to do this, rather they try to focus on one aspect of adult entertainment, they try to cover all of them. First and foremost we need to look at their stats, which are very impressive. Right now the site has just over two thousand three hundred different models on the website. This means that they have one of the biggest collections on a non tube site. They have just about twenty five thousand different photo sets for you to view when you become a member of their site.

Another great aspect of being a member of ATK Exotics is that they have over two million different photos for you to look at. This is one of the best and largest collections on the internet today. Granted, there is not a lot of ways for you to search through the content except by genre. Another great part about this site is that they have access to over four thousand different videos that cover just about every genre that you would want to see on a standard porn site. The site does not just have a single domain, rather, through their kingdoms sites they have compiled a huge amount of adult entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

While they do have one of the largest porn collections that is non tube, they are also susceptible to the same faults as any other porn site. For example, their layout and design on the site is just downright abysmal. It is very difficult to find what you are looking for on the site, and even then you need to swim through one hundred videos to find a high quality one.

To join the ATK Exotics site you will pay the $29.99 initiation fee, and you will gain access to all of their content. Overall, this site would garner a four out of five because while it has the high numbers, it is a little difficult to find what you are looking for on their page.

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There’s always that one girl that will never leave the spot inside your heart. Whether you’re married or at the very least committed to someone right now, there will always be that girl who will never efface a blot of memory inside your head. It’s the kind of girl we call as the sweetheart, the childhood, high school or whatever kind of sweetheart. Now that you have grown old, it’s about time you reminisce all the more the good times you’ve had with that girl in the most seductive way. There’s no better way to do that than with the cordial assistance of Sweetheart Video.

A Lovely Intro

Love is the meaning of living and during our young ages, we feel love in a form of infatuation. We have all been infatuated by that one lovely, sweetheart. We have all been drowned deep in though, ruminating about that one girl we know we can never really have. She simply dwells inside your imaginary plane of existence. But now, you can make a difference for yourself. You can relive those memories in a much grander scale with this pretty website mentioned earlier as Sweetheart Video.

All the Lovely Things You Can Wish For

Sweetheart Video has all the blissful things you could ever want for your life. At least on the aspect of genuine affection and self-serving pleasure. The site encompasses all it takes to merit a domain to be the ultimate porn site. First of all, Sweetheart Videos has the pretties faces you could ever see in the porn industry. It is a lovely sea of angelic faces that will never be effaced from your visual periphery. Second, you get so many. You get over 500 plus lovely porn videos that are all injected with these beautiful faces fucking with the hottest men that have bulging muscles and protruding veins. If you get the picture, it’s the fantasy kind of porn that will transcend you to an unearthly demarcation of soulful sexperience. From the original monthly rate of 30 bucks, the site is now only at a 9.95-dollar monthly subscription rate.

Join Sweetheart Video now and relive those long lost magical memories.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

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There’s just so much to discover in the world and the only thing you can unravel an endless line of mysteries is to not limit everything with the scope of your predilections. For example, you can’t put all your bias in favor the white people. You have to give the benefit of the doubt to the black ones, too. Only then can you be surprised of what they really are capable of serving straight to that silver platter. If you want to know what I’m talking about, then you better check out Blacks On Blondes, one of the porn sites I have been fan-eyeing these days.

Let me tell you, it is what you think it is. It’s all about Black people copulating with blonde women. It’s like putting coffee into your milk or vice the versa. And what do you get? A surreal blend that you would have never savored if you never gave it a chance. Black people fucking hot blonde women is multiple folds hotter than the usual thing I get to see on not-out-of-the-ordinary porn sites. There are also instances when black women are involved into threesomes of foursome with a black guy and a blonde or blondes, for that matter.

First of all, let me tell you that this site is not one of those porn sites that pre-define their value according to the crap load of contents they bulk. NO. This site is about really value, which is it made sure all of its contents are refined and substantial. There are 512 high quality, in every sense, episodes. There are also bonuses such as 100,000 plus pictures that you can enjoy downloading apart from the videos. In order to enjoy these goodies, you will have to register. And for a preview before jumping into its 34-dollar price tag per month, you can try the one day trial for only 2 dollars.

It’s high time that you try something new. Perhaps this is indeed the start of something new. Enjoy Black On Blondes like I did and you would not have missed half of your life anymore!

Mofos Discount

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Mofos network is a collection of eleven sites hot hardcore action in a variety of themes and niches. It is presented by the folks at Brazzers and it gives the access to all the sites in the network for one price that is reasonable.

With anal and group sex, MILFs and teens, and plenty of fun in between, this network’s high quality, exclusive collection has been keeping people entertained for years.

Some obvious pros of joining:

  • Exclusive hardcore collection- they are all original scenes featuring professional models and hot amateur in action. They shoot all their own videos and scenes using both European and American girls. Themes available include lesbians, anal toys, voyeur, teens, interracial milfs and gangbangs.
  • High quality scenes- they offer impressive HD video with videos and scenes that are 1929 x 1080 in size and play at 12000k. This beauties are sharp and big providing a great looking collection.
  • Good viewing options- Mofos Network have plenty of options for viewing their scenes. They can be watched as clips as well as full length files and can be streamed in browser using Flash and downloaded as an mp4 and as a wmv in five settings including mobile.
  • Great sized collection- currently, Mofos include eleven sites which together offer more than one thousand five hundred and thirty one scenes. Each scene includes both videos and photos with around thirty minutes of video and two hundred photos a piece.
  • Lots of information is provided for each scene including file sizes, dates, model biographies and category tags.
  • Across the network, updates come often keeping the collection growing.
  • The network is very simple to browse with options that include browse by category, size, or even model, view the most viewed or top rated and cross linked tags for each scene.
  • At a special Mofos discount of $15 a month, readers of The Best Porn can join now saving off the standard price of $30 a month.

In conclusion, with a huge collection and exclusive quality scenes continues to impress. It is user friendly from the browse tools to viewing options. At $20 a month, price is reasonable.

Digital Playground Discount

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Digital Playground is a pornographic haven that is very attractive and have fantastic selection of stars. It has had one nomination for Studio of the Year and four XBIZ awards for 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. In addition they have won more than 35 awards for the movies they have produced. That is incredibly impressive in this industry because many studios have won less if any.

Users have the chance to enjoy new talent and a three days trial instead of two days allow the users to test things out more thoroughly. While they do not list the number of videos and scenes they have in their collection, they list some of their popular and most viewed categories. The categories include Threesome, Anal, POV and Facial. Gorgeous Hi- Def DVD covers fills their non- members page. The covers are taken from videos and scenes to serve as a solid sign of things their customers will be finding.

Digital Playground also offers physical DVD purchases including Blu-Ray copies of their select movies. At bottom of their site, they have stated that they provide live video chat although they do not specify for non-members.

Although they do not list their videos to non-members, you will be able to see that they have fantastic set of top girls that are capable of making anyone happy. Anything from Amateurs to Models, they have them all. They have noted that they have over seven hundred girls, experienced professionals and new talent all in one sexy site. Who would want to miss Madison Ivy, Sasha Grey or Jenna Presley?

They may not have the cheapest trial, everybody can see that DigitalPlayground is of high quality compared to their competitors. For example their prices range for $59.95 for three months, $119.99 for twelve months, $19.95 for one month $1 for two days.

In conclusion, at this point there is nothing bad to say. Digital Playground has the best stars, full length movies and large collection of videos that they are willing to put onto Blu- Ray and DVD. In addition, their site is very easy to use and it is good looking for browsing. Also something to look into as well is their live video chat since they did not elaborate on the non- members site. You should check out them to see if they are for you and you won’t regret it.